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Volumetric dividers

Volumetric divider with rounder

Volumetric divider with rounder

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The COLBAKE volumetric divider is a high precision and production machine. This machine is designed to divide bread dough. The operation of the divider consists of a piston that absorbs the dough, compresses it and expels it. This system provides excellent weight accuracy.

Standard equipment

Maximum weighing error 2% (unfermented fresh dough).

Divides bread dough (with wheat flour, water, salt and yeast, for doughs with other ingredients ask us first).

The machine can divide dough with a minimum water content of 50% (50 liters of water per 100kg of flour)

Piece counter that allows to select the number of pieces to make.

Greasing system with minimum consumption (approximately 1 liter for every 10 working hours).

Stainless steel covers.

Flour sifter

Voltage: 3x380V or 3x220V or 1x220V (requires electronic frequency converter).

Packaging dimensions: 2x1x1,5m


Automatic oiling system for the hopper

Removable Teflon for the hopper.

Flour sifter with motor + inverter

Electronic frequency converter

Motorized weight selection

Back greasing system for the drum.

High turning wheels (increases by 112 mm machine height).


If a high production is required, dividers are manufactured with multiple piston, so that the production cycles are multiplied by 2, 3, 4 or 5 pieces at once. The maximum diameter of the pistons will depend on the number of these.

Volumetric divider with rounder Videos

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