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Volumetric dividers

Volumetric divider fermented dough

Volumetric divider fermented dough

Standard equipment

Divides the dough as if it is divided by hand, without degassing or stressing it.

Maximum error weighing 4% (the error may be higher depending on the level of fermentation of the dough).

Divides bread dough (with wheat flour, water, salt and yeast, for other ingredients consult first)

Ideal to work with dough with high hydration (more than 65% water).

Maximum production 1100 pieces / hour.

Control via touch screen. Possibility of storing up to 40 different products.

Greasing system with minimum consumption (approximately 1 liter for every 10 working hours).

Stainless steel covers.

Large flour sifter with three-phase motor and frequency inverter.

Power: 1,9 Kw.

Voltage: 3x380V or 1x220V.

Dimensions packing: 2x1x1,5m

Weight: 700kg

Volumetric divider
Volumetric divider datasheet
-Gentle dividing, as if divided by hand-This volumetric divider designed and patented by us, is an exclusive, it is not an ordinary volumetric divider. What differentiates this divider from the others is its advanced division system that allows it to work with fermented dough without degassing or stressing it, exactly the same results as if we were dividing by hand or with a hydraulic divider. It is the perfect equipment to obtain artisan bread, in an automated, easy and affordable way.

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