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Fabrication of bakery equipment

Machines for bread production

Bakery equipment

We work developing and manufacturing professional bakery equipment, offering a high-quality product, prepared to produce bread to the taste of each client and with all the guarantees. We distribute in the global market and offer our products to any baker or bakery of any country in the world.

Maquinaria de panadería Colbake exportación internacional

Work lines for bakeries

We offer lines for artisan and also for industrial bakeries, composed by the bread dough divider, band rounders and conical rounders, intermediate proofers to let the dough rest before shaping it, and bread moulders.

We also offer automatic panning machines, which deposite the breads in the trays that will then be taken to the oven for baking the bread.

Experience, quality and reliability

We offer professional bakery equipment to help the artisan baker to make the best possible products, so his customers are satisfied. COLBAKE’S bakery machines are produced with all the experience obtained with 30 years of work, in which we have been improving and perfecting all our machines.

Quality, our priority

We manufacture bread production machines prepared to work 24H/7 days per week.

Bakery equipment

We have more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of bakery equipment.

Immediate shipment of spare parts

We send you any spare part for any bakery machinery you buy with us.

Exporting worldwide

We offer shipment of bakery machines to the whole world including shipment of spare parts for your machines.

Are you looking for bakery machinery?

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Consult us and tell us what needs you have for your bakery. We will contact you to offer you the best advice, show you our products and give you the best after sales service to make your bakery equipment capable of offering the best product.

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