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Volumetric dividers

Volumetric divider industry 4.0

Volumetric divider industry 4.0

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The COLBAKE volumetric divider is a high precision and production machine. This machine is designed to divide bread dough.

The operation of the divider consists of a piston that absorbs the dough, compresses it and expels it. This system provides excellent weight accuracy.

Standard equipment

Maximum weighing error 2% (unfermented fresh dough).

Divides bread dough (with wheat flour, water, salt and yeast, for doughs with other ingredients ask us first).

The machine can divide dough with a minimum water content of 50% (50 liters of water per 100kg of flour).

7 -inch touch screen with Internet connection, allows working with recipes and save all parameters for each product.

Motorized weight selection.

Flour sifter with motor.

Electronic frequency converter.

Greasing system with minimum consumption (approximately 1 liter for every 10 working hours)

Stainless steel covers.

High turning wheels (increases by 112 mm machine height).

Voltage: 3x380V or 3x220V or 1x220V (requires electronic frequency converter).

Packaging dimensions: 2x1x1,5m.


Automatic oiling system for the top perimeter of the hopper, with photocell for detection of the dough level.

Oil ring, allows to inject oil into the bottom of the hopper, improving the absorption of the dough into the cylinder, and leaving the machine completely clean when the dough is finished (patented system).

Removable Teflon for the hopper.

Conveyor belt with independent motor and speed control.

System for double weight.

Pneumatic knife (compressed air required to work).

Back greasing system for the drum.

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