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Intermediate Proofers

Intermediate Proofer Colbake Mod. SPV

Intermediate Proofer Colbake Mod. SPV

Standard equipment

Flexible capacity: it can load 5, 6 or 7 per tray

Work in static system: the dough pieces are in the same position all the time.

Allows to load round pieces or with long shape (ideal for making long baguettes).

Unload with conveyor belt

Weight of the pieces to be loaded: up to 1200g.

Stainless steel covers.

Flour sifter.

Flat trays (without pockets).

Voltage: 3x380V or 3x220V or 1x220V (requires electronic frequency converter).


Temperature control.

Humidity control.

Panel with easy opening + window to see the inside of the machine.

Extra power socket for connecting other machines.

Control by touch screen

Stainless steel structure.

Loading by conveyor belt.

camara fermentacion
camara fermentacion

This COLBAKE SPV intermediate proofer is a larger machine, recommended when space is not a problem. It is precise, reliable and of great capacity. This is also a static system proofer, so the dough pieces stay all the time in the same position while they are inside of the proofer.

Intermediate Proofer Colbake Mod. SPV Videos

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