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Interiscop 2022


Interiscop 2022

At Intersicop 2022 we will be exhibiting a very large sample of the bakery machinery we manufacture. In addition, we are going to do daily demonstrations with dough so that you will be able to see all the machines working.

We will have three production lines:

Line for the production of roscones and bagels: for the first time we will be presenting our forming line for roscones and bagels, which allows us to increase the production of these products and achieve an unbeatable uniformity and quality, it is something totally new and unique in Spain.

Line for the production of loaves, baguettes and sandwiches: this complete line allows the automatic production and forming of long-shaped breads. The boarding machine is really simple and versatile, allowing the use of a wide variety of trays and boards and working with unsurpassed comfort, reducing manual work operations to a minimum.

Line for the production of high quality artisan bread: for feeding this line we have our high hydration sourdough divider, which is able to divide delicate doughs without damaging their structure and allows the production of high quality bread with a great honeycombing using a classic working train.